Supporting farmers and their local school

As part of our initial activities for 2023, we will be undertaking two projects: the 2023 Agricultural Training Program and improvements to the Campo Bello School. These projects have a dual mission of reducing poverty and improving the livelihoods of 500 smallholder farmers, their families, and communities.

$12,000 Goal

You Must Have Questions

What is Beyond Trade Impact Fund?

At Beyond Trade Impact Fund, we recognize the pressing need to restore support and dignity to coffee farmers. At Beyond Trade, we seek to address this issue by providing comprehensive assistance that goes beyond coffee cultivation, including improvements to living conditions, education, and the extension services that our platform currently provides. With your support, we hope to make a lasting impact that will benefit multiple generations of coffee farmers and their families.

Why choose Beyond Trade Impact Fund?

The Beyond Trade team hails from smallholder coffee farming communities in Colombia, and therefore, the issues confronting these communities are close to our hearts. We bring extensive agricultural training, expert knowledge of the specialty coffee industry, direct relationships with both coffee farmers and specialty buyers, and a deep understanding of the underlying systemic issues that create the poverty cycle for smallholder coffee farmers. What sets Beyond Trade apart is our ability to incorporate the needs and desires of the beneficiaries into the programs and activities we support, thanks to the trusting relationships we have built. These qualities make us uniquely positioned to achieve our goal of reducing poverty and improving livelihoods among smallholder coffee farmers.

How can I trust the support will go to the farmers?

We make a public pledge to utilize a minimum of 70% of all funds raised to support program activities that will directly benefit smallholder farmers, their families, and their communities. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, the Beyond Trade team will provide and publish detailed accounts of each program to our donors. Additionally, we will produce an annual impact report that summarizes our activities, includes testimonials, and provides data on the progress made by Beyond Trade programs throughout the year.

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